Our Mission Statement

"To provide school districts with information systems and resources that exceed expectations through a customer focused attitude, anticipating needs, and supplying technologies that support district goals."

The WOCO Team

At your service!

Donn Walls
Director x7210
Donn has been involved in educational technology since 1990. He was a district technology coordinator for 8 years and served as WOCO tech manager for 12 years before becoming director in 2010.
Mike Wagner
Systems Manager x7200
Mike is our Systems Manager, and has been with WOCO since 2001. He has an extensive background in Cisco, Microsoft and VMware. Mike is in charge of datacenter operations, implementing new technologies, and assisting our districts in all aspects of technology. http://lnked.in/mlw1
Mandy Alexander
EMIS Manager x7250
Mandy is WOCO’s EMIS services Mgr. With over 20 years of EMIS experience, she enjoys the challenges and problem solving involved in reporting. Prior to WOCO she served in the Triad and Urbana districts. Serving others is her passion.
Julie Ellis
DBA/Student Services Manager x7016
Julie is our Database Administrator and the Manager of Student Services. Julie served as a district Technology Coordinator when she joined WOCO in 2001. She enjoys creating custom extracts/reports to fill requests by the district for third party applications. Julie also supports the ProgressBook suite of applications and server environments.
Andrew Sanford
Fiscal Manager x7222
Andrew leads the Fiscal Services Team for WOCO supporting eFP and State Software. Prior to being at WOCO, Andrew worked for a district in the Treasurer's Office.
Jon Axe
IT Systems Administrator x7205
Jon is a systems administrator who has 15 years of ITC experience. He enjoys working with our members to enhance and troubleshoot data networks.
Dave Bollheimer
Fiscal Support Specialist x7220
Dave has over 32 years of experience in school finance, nearly 30 of those years at Treasurer. He worked many years on state software. He also has experience with eFinancePlus (eFP). His former district was converted in the first round and went live on the software in January 2017. Dave provides support to our districts on both eFP and state software.
Andy Kemmer
Student Services Support Specialist x7219
For over a decade Andy has been working with school staff at all levels. His specialties are the StudentInformation and DataMap applications. Andy also possess a high competency with the GradeBook application. Please contact Andy for any Student Services related questions or issues.
Jessica Kitchen
Fiscal Support Specialist x7221
Jessica is a fiscal support specialist with experience in school finance as well as training and managerment experience in the private sector. She has experience with eFinancePlus (eFP ) and enjoys providing support for to our fiscal customers.
Deb Meyer
Fiscal Support/Fiscal Officer x7290
Deb is WOCO’s Fiscal Support/Fiscal Officer. She came to WOCO in 2016 with 25 years of experience as a Treasurer in a local school district and was instrumental in converting WOCO districts to eFinancePlus.
Emily Ridgway
EMIS Support Specialist x7240
Emily is our newest EMIS Support Specialist. She comes to WOCO with five years experience serving as EMIS Coordinator for two of our member schools. Emily enjoys the detailed and challenging work of EMIS and sharing her knowledge with our clients.
Michael Moeller
Network and Voice Engineer x7260
Michael has worked in both higher education and K-12 environments. At WOCO, he provides support for VOIP, Email and web filtering, and general network services
Beth Shreve
EMIS Support Specialist x7270
Beth is one of our EMIS Liaison and has been with WOCO since 2012. Prior to WOCO, she worked at a member school for 6 years. Beth enjoys working with the EMIS coordinators to trouble-shoot the district data for accurate reporting. EMIS is constantly changing and she likes to be challenged by learning the new updates.
Kristen Switzer
EMIS Support Specialist x7245
Kristen began working with WOCO in 2017 as an EMIS Support Specialist. She enjoys serving our districts, as well as providing extra support with EMIS-Extended.
Jay Wentz
Student Services Support Specialist x7074
Jay served as a technology director in member school districts for 13 years and uses his extensive technical knowledge to provide our GradeBook and SpecialServices customers with excellent service. He also assists the technical department on special projects when needed.


How do we make it all happen?

Technical Services
Providing highly available Internet services and supporting district technology needs in many areas such as WiFi, content filtering, firewalling, Virtual server hosting, offsite storage, and network design
Fiscal Services
WOCO provides training and support to it's member school districts in the areas of accounting, payroll, inventory and support approved State of Ohio software packages as well as EFinance PLUS ERP software
Supporting software and reporting procedures to deliver on time and accurate reporting to ODE.
Student Services
Supporting the many aspects of student information systems to assist schools with grade books, attendance, course scheduling, discipline and many others


Please contact us at anytime

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